Monday, April 2, 2012

Is there a test for that?

I took all the boys to Bulk Barn tonight. hee hee. Fun times. I needed some spices and the boys needed a treat for FHE so we went shopping. They got to pick anything they wanted, but could only get 100 grams of whatever they picked. The results were pretty amazing and described each boy perfectly. Read on and tell me what you think.

Ryan - picked sour gumballs, weighed in at 95 grams, total = $0.64

Noah - started off with a huge bag of whoppers. He went to put some back, then put clodhoppers in the same bag. Had to go to the cashier, apologize, and ask what she wanted him to do with his bag of mixed chocolate. Started off with a new bag, picked clodhoppers, weighed in at 105 g, total was $1.57.

Cameron - picked dried apricots and was so happy with his choice, but then started to cry when Noah teased him for picking fruit. weighed in at 100 grams exactly, total was $$1.39.

Kai - said to heck with putting anything in a bag and picked something prepackaged off the shelf. On the way home he was so excited to sell it to Noah for 100 pennies!!! Total = $1.59.

If this doesn't exactly describe each boy to a "T" I don't know what does!

I got all my spices, including Chai Seeds, and am quite happily going to bed.

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