Monday, April 2, 2012

Is there a test for that?

I took all the boys to Bulk Barn tonight. hee hee. Fun times. I needed some spices and the boys needed a treat for FHE so we went shopping. They got to pick anything they wanted, but could only get 100 grams of whatever they picked. The results were pretty amazing and described each boy perfectly. Read on and tell me what you think.

Ryan - picked sour gumballs, weighed in at 95 grams, total = $0.64

Noah - started off with a huge bag of whoppers. He went to put some back, then put clodhoppers in the same bag. Had to go to the cashier, apologize, and ask what she wanted him to do with his bag of mixed chocolate. Started off with a new bag, picked clodhoppers, weighed in at 105 g, total was $1.57.

Cameron - picked dried apricots and was so happy with his choice, but then started to cry when Noah teased him for picking fruit. weighed in at 100 grams exactly, total was $$1.39.

Kai - said to heck with putting anything in a bag and picked something prepackaged off the shelf. On the way home he was so excited to sell it to Noah for 100 pennies!!! Total = $1.59.

If this doesn't exactly describe each boy to a "T" I don't know what does!

I got all my spices, including Chai Seeds, and am quite happily going to bed.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

1 year, 2 months, 8 days

Ok, it's been a while since I blogged, but I really didn't count the days. That's a guess. If I had enough time to figure out the real amount of time that has passed I may have had enough time to blog sooner!
My son is home from Europe! He had no luggage in Europe until the second last day before he came home, was delayed in Montreal for 8 hours, arrived in Edmonton from Calgary with {you guessed it} no luggage, but is sleeping in his own bed tonight! Crazy kid, I missed him. And he brought me real Belgium chocolate. Who doesn't love a kid who knows exactly what his mom wants?
Half way through spring break with kid #2. There is snow on the ground but he is spending his time remembering what his golf clubs feel like to swing.
Perry and I took the boys to the College Final Rodeo last night. It was a first experience for all of them. When they brought a goat out and tied it down Noah looked at us and said "Are they gonna kill it?" Yup. That's what all that Call of Duty will do to your brain. When the cowgirl jumped off her horse, flipped the goat over and tied 3 of his legs together without the goat even taking one step Noah said "Whoo. That goat was born yesterday." Good times.
Well, I'm gonna try and figure out Pinterest. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What a deal!!

I was just telling Perry I needed someone to come clean my house...check this out today only!!

~Happy {NOT} cleaning!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Midnight Train by Noah S.

Why is it always Cam?

Is it his age? Cameron right now is hilarious. Or profound. Or frustrating. Or just crazy. Mind you, Noah is too. Maybe its just boys. 2 of mine seem sane though. Ok, just one of mine. Ryan is going to have to support us all I can just tell!

Cam comes in from outside and says "I think I'm allergic to snow."
"Why?" I asked.
"Because everytime I go out in it, my nose gets red."

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

What a fiasco

The red slide in the picture is the skyscreamer.

What does your 7 year old do while lost at WEM waterpark?
Let me start at the beginning.

Last night we had some free tickets to the waterpark from Noah's hockey team so Cam, Noah and I went. Sounds like fun, right?

We get there and the family change room is under construction so Cam has to go in with Noah. Not a big deal, really, but there were a lot of people there.

I get changed, go out to the waterpark and wait for the boys.
And wait.
And wait.
And some more.
Finally, Noah comes out with Cam still in his clothes. Cam dropped his swimsuit and they can't find it.
Ok. I send Noah out to play with his friends, take Cam to the entrance of the waterpark and get a male worker to help me out.
He takes Cam into the changeroom to look for his suit and comes out 10 minutes later.
No luck, can't find it.

While I was waiting for them I was thinking Cam's suit is inside out and so the same color as the back of his towel...I wonder if its wrapped up in there and he just can't see it.

I sent the worker back in to open their locker and yup, there it was.

However, the worker did not come back to the front and tell me all was well...he got hung up in the changeroom for 20 minutes and in the meantime Cam gets changed and goes out to play.

I am waiting again.
And again.
And again.

We have now been at the waterpark for 45 minutes. The worker comes out to tell me Cam found his suit and I am left now trying to find Cam in all the chaos of a zillion hockey teams all in the same, big, place.
Not an easy thing.

I am walking around looking for Cam and Noah ends up finding me and has a crying Cam with him.

It seems Cam was happy as could be doing his thing and he wanted to go down the skyscreamer. He is tall enough to do it so they didn't stop him at the top. However, he can't swim the full distance at the bottom in deep water so he ends up having to be rescued by a lifeguard.

This is when Noah found him. Noah actually watched "some kid" go down by himself and thought it was funny because he didn't realize it was Cam. That probably would have made it funnier.
Noah takes control of Cam and finds me. Thank goodness!

Now, why is Cam crying when he's had the adventure of his short lifetime?

"Cam, why are you crying?"

"The lifeguard" who saved my life "said I can't swim anymore without a parent."

"Of course you can't - you're 7! It's ok, I'm here now."

"But I can't go swimming without a parent."

"Cam, I'm you're parent."

"Oh. Let's go then." All tears have miraculously stopped.

To finish this story when it was time to go I forgot the code to get into my own locker and spent 15 minutes trying to figure it out. Luckily it did eventually work but the boys were left at the front finding out what it felt like to wait for someone.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

my boys

Yah! I scrapbooked again! Do you think this is too feminine for boys? Maybe once I add the pics of Perry and I side by side it'll be ok.
Pictures were taken here.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm back!

But I have no idea when I'll return!
I've decided not to let the blog take over my life and use up my oodles of free time, but I love showing and telling my family and friends what we've been up to. So, check back (weekly?) and maybe you'll be surprised!
My life right now...sports. All in all, not a bad thing to be involved in. I'm hoping to install a lifelong habit in my children. Ryan hasn't decided yet what how he'll be active, but we're working on him! Noah is hockey all the way. However, I took him to a running clinic with me at the Running Room today and he beat us all at 5 km. Cam loves hockey (defense, of course) and is so excited to start basketball on Monday. I have always said only one sport at a time, but he conned me into it as bball is only 1 night a week, and hockey is mostly on weekends. Kai will do anything! Right now he loves to go skating and it is such a good time! What is funnier than taking a 3 year old skating who, when he falls, makes snow angels and then gets stuck to the ice? Seriously, I had to go pull him up. Note to self, don't dress him in polar fleece again because it really does stick to the ice. Who woulda thunk it? I can't believe how good Kai is getting on skates, either. The first time we went he staying between my legs holding onto my knees. Now, he won't let me help him at all. He has a support thingy we take for him to use...and he does. He skates as fast as he can (pretty funny because he actually runs on the ice) then pushes the support thingy away from him and then chases it. When we go next time I'm going to record it so you can laugh with us.

Promise, next time I'll have pictures!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Women's Race 2010

Calgary, Shouldice Park, Aug 29th.

We were right outside Kristi's old back yard (I reconized the KFC at the corner, and then the park we met at years ago for our family reunion...back when the family wasn't quite so big!) OH Kristi - Angie took me to a diner (that was closed both times, dang it) that was right beside the quilting store you used to go that weird cul-de-sac across from a chateau something or other home decorations and really expensive clothes store. We also passed by Jess and Brian's new home...didn't stop in though because I wasn't 100 % sure and didn't have the address.

This woman was an inspiration to me...82 years old and running the 5 km. What was truly cool to watch was the group she was with joined her at the last turn in the race and crossed the finish line with her. Really, it brought tears to my eyes...what a great team and show of support to each other.
Me and Ang. Happy to be done...not quite warm yet but we've added extra layers already.

Yah Jaina! Ang and Jaina ran as a mother-daughter team. So proud of you both!

This was on our way to the race...please notice the rain on the window. We weren't too hopeful it would stop before the race started...and it didn't!
I really enjoyed this race. Not my usual running song, but there is something right about running along the river and listening to Mary G. Blige and Andrea Bocelli sing "Bridge Over Troubled Waters". Of course I ended with my go to song..."Paradise by a Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf, played really, really, loud!
Can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Popcorn Olympics

Shari passed on some fun popcorn games for FHE along with the parable of the Popcorn Seed (we likened it unto the parable of the 10 talents). It was so silly and my boys loved it. It doesn't matter how old you are, the desire to blow popcorn across the floor never fades. Noah called it the Popcorn Olympics and wants to do it again. Thanks Shari!

Kai was hilarious! He crouched down and sucked each popcorn piece off the paper and laughed so loud when we yelled DON'T EAT PETE! at him.

Other games included tossing popcorn into each others mouth's and seeing who had the longest popcorn throw.
Too fun!

~happy poppin'